SAM Requirement Definition Service

Help you clarify the scope of SAM that your organization can operate
(including SAM system requirement).

Steps to implement SAM

① Preparation
  • Clarifying the purpose of implementing SAM, Determining scope of common management target.
② Analyzing the status quo
  • Analyzing the status quo of operation processes, and collecting necessary information about efficient understanding of management target assets.

Requirement definition service for SAM system

Consult with customers about software life cycle from acquisition to retirement,and create “current flow diagrams“.

③ Survey for target assets
  • Collecting information about hardware, license, poof of license, and software owned by targeted organization.
④ Analyzing identified issues
  • Analyzing issues by matching survey results with the management standards of SAM.

Conduct a risk assessment based on the installed software information, and create “proposal of software risk level classification”.

⑤ Building SAM operation
  • Reviewing SAM operation processes based on the result of analyzing issues, and selecting SAM support tools.
⑥ Establishing management policies and procedures
  • Creating policies and procedures for SAM, and obtaining organizational approval. Creating related manuals including SAM support tools.

Help review “current flow diagrams” of SAM operation processes, and create “operational flow of SAM system” and “list of requirement for SAM system”.

Deliverables of each consulting step

① Support analyzing the status quo

Providing “current flow diagrams” of SAM operation processes
  • Provide flow diagrams of the current software and hardware life cycle from acquisition, installation, and use to retirement, and map them on the flow diagrams by collecting application forms and documents.

    Deliverables: “current flow diagrams” of SAM operation, list of related documents

② Support identifying and analyzing issues

Providing “proposal of risk level classification for installed software”
  • Classify the list of installed software by risk level, and suggest the management method of the risk level.

    Deliverables: “proposal of risk level classification for installed software”

③ Support selecting SAM tools

Providing “operational flow of SAM system” and “list of requirement for SAM system”
  • SAM operation processes, and management policies and procedures which the customer created through identifying and analyzing the issues, we provide “operational flow of SAM system” and “list of requirement for SAM system” relative to SAM system.
    With those contents, the customer is able to request *RFP to SAM system vendors in general.

    Deliverables: “operational flow of SAM system” , “list of requirement for SAM system”

    *RFP( Request For Proposal)