Privacy Policy

We regard IT related personal information as the most important asset, and our employees who engage in the business shall fully understand the social responsibility and comply with laws and regulations in association with personal information and protection of the person’s rights. We shall also establish the personal information protection management system in order to realize the following guidelines. We hereby declare our firm commitment to make corporate-wide efforts to continuously improve the management system with the understanding of latest IT technology trends, and changes in social demands and our business environment.

  1. Upon acquiring personal information, we shall specify the purpose of use which is necessary to accomplish our fair business such as Software asset management system and its package software sales, and its related communication and contact, and recruiting employees, and administrating human resources, and ensure that personal information is obtained, used, and provided only for executing the specified purposes. In order to make the above guidelines more practicable, we shall appoint our Chief Privacy Officer, and establish an environment that can help carry out personal information protection activities in accordance with the appropriate rules.
  2. We obey any laws, guidelines, and other norms which the government makes for the handling of personal information.
  3. We shall inject the management resources in line with the condition of our company, and build safety measures, and continuously update personal information security feature, and ensure the correctness and safety of personal information in order to prevent the leakage, loss, and damage of personal information. We shall also promptly take countermeasures in case of the above.
  4. Any complaints and concerns regarding the handling of personal information will be treated sincerely and responded to promptly.
  5. In light of the business environment surrounding our company, we will continue to review and improve the handling of personal information for Personal Information Protection Management Systems.

We shall ensure that all of our employees fully understand these guidelines and take measures by posting them on our website and brochure which are accessible to anyone at any time.

January 2015
Rakusol Asia pte. ltd